Balance Transfer Promotion

Alpine Credit Union is currently promoting a 2.99% Annual Percentage Rate balance transfer offer for 6 months or 6 billing cycles. After the 6 month or 6 billing cycles have ended, your credit card's remaining transferred balance will revert back to the standard card rate.

Additional limitations, terms and conditions may apply. Please see your local financial institution for specific terms and conditions.

This offer is based on creditworthiness.

Offer expires 06/30/2022.

Step 1: Primary Account Owner's Information

Step 2: Balance Transfer Information:

*By applying for and submitting this form, I authorize that my Financial Institution may bill my Financial Institution Credit Card in the amount indicated. I understand that my balance transfer request is subject to credit availability and my qualification as a member in good standing. I understand that finance charges may be assessed from the date of the balance transfer posted to my Financial Institution Credit Card account. I understand that the Financial Institution will advise me if the Financial Institution is unable to process my request for any reason. I understand that my request to pay off/pay down my credit card balance with other creditors may take up to thirty (30) days. I understand that I should continue to make monthly payments to the creditor until the balance transfer appears as a credit on the account. I understand if I transfer an amount for a transaction in dispute, I may lose my rights against the other creditor. I understand that balance transfers must not include requests to pay down or pay off any of my loan accounts with my Financial Institution.