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You are relying on your co-applicant’s income and credit history as a basis for this loan; or if your co-applicant will be contractually liable on the loan; or if you are relying on alimony, child support, or separate maintenance payments from a spouse or former spouse as a basis for repayment of credit requested; or if you live or are relying on property in a community property state ( AZ, CA, ID, LA, NM, NV, TX, WA.)


PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCEPTING: All the information in this application is true, I/We understand that it is a violation of state and federal law to knowingly make false statements on the application. You have my permission to check it. You may retain this application even if not approved. I/We understand that you may receive information from others about my/our credit history and that you may answer questions and request from others seeking credit or experience information about me/our or my/our accounts with you. The undersigned further understand that use of Visa card(s) constitutes our agreement to all terms, a copy of which I/We have received. If this application is approved, I/We agree to honor the provisions of the loan or credit and security agreements, as it may be amended, covering the loan or account. If this application is for two of us, this statement applies to both of us.

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