Step 1: Applicant

Step 2: Disclosure for e-Statement Application


PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCEPTING: Electronic Statement Disclosure

The following disclosure addresses the necessary steps required in order to participate in and to receive products and services electronically from Alpine Credit Union.

Alpine Credit Union delivers monthly and quarterly statements to member account holders. If you agree to this disclosure and signup for the electronic statement product (e-Statements), monthly and quarterly statement information will be delivered electronically.

e-Statement Delivery

Enrolling in the e-Statement program will replace all mailed paper statements. After enrollment in the e-Statement program, you will begin receiving e-Statements on the first statement cycle. A statement cycle is defined as a month-end or quarter-end accounting period. Access to your statement information is provided through the credit union’s home banking program.

You will be required to sign up for Internet Banking access to receive your e-Statement. The e-Statement is easy to access and use.

  1. Log on to your account
  2. Click the e-Statement button
  3. Statements are delivered in a PDF format
  4. You can download the adobe reader for free at
  5. You have access to the last several statements on your account

Email Reminders

You will receive an email alert once your e-Statement is ready. The alert will be sent to the most current email address provided to the credit union. The email will contain a link to our Internet Banking. Once you login, click on the e-Statement button and you will have access to your account statements.

Statement Availability

Your e-Statements are available online for 24 months. Access to this information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also download and keep an electronic copy on your hard drive, or print a copy to your printer.

Enrolling for e-Statements

You can enroll for e-Statements at any time by visiting and clicking on the e-Statements enrollment link.

Canceling e-Statements

You may “opt-out” of e-Statements anytime by contacting 801-225-0256, or emailing

Hardware and Software Requirements

You need the following hardware and software to access your e-Statement:

  1. A computer and internet browser that can support 128-bit encryption
  2. Internet access
  3. Adobe reader, (statements are available in PDF format
  4. Access to a printer of a hard drive to store and/or print your statements
  5. Email address

We also recommend you keep your computer up to date with the latest security updates and patches.

Email Address Changes

In order to provide e-Statements, we must maintain current member email addresses. It is your sole responsibility to provide the credit union with your contact information, including your email address.

You should notify the credit union of any change in your email address. You can update your email address online, under the member options button of the home banking system.

Proceed with Acceptance of e-Disclosures

With your acceptance below, you agree to accept periodic account statements in an electronic format. You also agree that you have the necessary equipment for accessing and viewing e-Statements. You also agree to notify the credit union if you change your email address or if you no longer want to receive statements electronically. IF you decide not to enroll for e-Statements, DO NOT hit the "Send" button below. You can still enroll at a later time, should you desire to do so.