ACU FA$T FUNDS. An Alpine Credit Union Tool For Last-Minute Bill-Payers.

Here's a convenient new service we're offering. It's called FA$T FUNDS. And if you've been out of town, if you've put it off, or if you've simply forgotten about paying your bills this month, no worries. That's because FA$T FUNDS allows you to pay your Alpine Credit Union loan payment conveniently.

Things to know about FA$T FUNDS:

  • You can use a debit card* or checking account from another financial institution to make your Alpine Credit Unions' mortgage payment or car payment.
  • Fast online set-up. Just click here.
  • You can make a one-time payment or schedule regular payments**.
  • There is a convenience fee for the eCheck option and a convenience fee for Debit Card use. Please see online set-up application for more details and cost structure.

* Payment may take up to 48 hours before they are credited to your account
**Please call us at 801-225-0256 for assistance with scheduling regular payments

If you have questions and want to contact us about FA$T FUNDS, please call us at 801-225-0256 or visit us at the Alpine Credit Union branch convenient to you.