Alpine CU Savings Certificates

A credit union savings certificate is a low-risk investment option that offers several benefits and features. One key benefit is its fixed interest rate, which remains constant throughout the term of the certificate. This ensures a predictable return on investment and helps to minimize the impact of market fluctuations. Additionally, our certificates are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), providing an extra layer of protection for your investment. Our certificates also come in a range of terms, allowing members to choose a term that best fits their investment goals and timeline. Overall, credit union certificates offer a safe and secure investment option with competitive interest rates and flexible terms.

We offer four different certificate options. Each option provides different maturity ranges and allows you to customize your term. Each option provides unique benefits depending on the specific needs for your investment.

Value Certificate

  • Pays the highest interest rate
  • Maturity date options 3-60 months
  • Auto renewal
  • $500 Minimum deposit
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Bump Certificate

  • One-time Bump-up in interest rate during term      
  • Maturity date options 12-60 months
  • Auto renewal
  • $500 Minimum deposit
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Flex certificate

  • One penalty-free withdrawal within 5 business days of each new quarter
  • 12-month term only
  • Auto renewal
  • $500 Minimum deposit w/ $500 minimum balance required at all times
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Advantage Certificate

  • Allows for deposits to be added any time during term
  • Automatic transfer available
  • No EWP (Early Withdrawal Penalty) for Qualified Withdrawal Reason
  • $25 Minimum deposit
  • 12-month term only
  • Auto renewal
  • Maximum principal balance $50,000
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