It's time to Get Growing...growing good financial habits! Planting the seeds of good money habits today will help grow a healthy financial future for tomorrow. Alpine Credit Union endorses the importance of teaching your child about money at an early age. Plus, we believe it should be rewarding and fun!

  • Little Grower ages 0-11 earn Grow Bucks
  • Earn Grow Bucks with every deposit that is $2 or more*
  • Grow Bucks are redeemable for actual cash...
  • Earn 10, 20 or 30 Grow Bucks for different reward levels. Collect, redeem, REWARD!
  • All Green Grower accounts earn a higher dividend rate
  • New accounts earn 2 Grow Bucks plus a new piggy bank

It sure is fun watching your green grow!

It's never too early to start them seeing green!

Once they have learned the FUN-damentals of saving with our Green Grower Program they will automatically become a $tudent Account at the age of 12 years old. This account will provide the necessary financial tools to help your child with all their unique needs as they go from Jr. High all the way through college. To find out more about our Student Accounts, click here.

What do I need to bring when I apply?

Bring the social security card or a state issued ID for the applicant applying.

*Limit of one (1) Grow Buck per day, per account.