Alpine CU Money Move Transfers


Alpine Credit Union Money Move allows you to transfer money between Alpine Credit Union and your other Financial Institution.  This service is fast, convenient, and completely free.  To help you get the most of this service here are some of the guidelines for Money Move.


  • Money Move can be accessed on a desk top PC or through the Alpine CU mobile app
  • Capable of setting up just one or multiple transfers to multiple institutions. You can also create a one-time move or a regular set-and-forget schedule
  • Transfers may take 1-2 business days before the funds settle and are available to use
  • The Move request cut-off time is 1:30PM MST, Monday-Friday. Any request received after the cut-off time will be processed the next business day
  • Funds transferred to Alpine Credit Union will be made available in the following order:
    1.  $225 will be available immediately after the funds settle to the member account. There are two daily settlement times, one in the AM and another one after 2PM.
    2. The remaining funds will be available the following business day

To set up your Money Move* transfer follow these simple steps: 


    1. Contact Alpine Credit Union at (801) 225-0256 or email to sign up for Money Move. If your request is sent via email, you will receive a confirmation reply once you have been enabled. This allows us to validate the request and avoid fraud and unauthorized transactions.**
    2. Once you have been enabled, to setup your Money Move Transfer you will need to log into your online account. Look for Transfers in the top menu bar, click the dropdown and look for Money Move Transfer. Fill in the requested information by entering the routing number, account number, etc. of the financial institution you wish to transfer funds and submit.
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    4. There will be two micro deposits (transactions for < $1 used to validate account information) debited and credited at your other financial institution.  This may take 1-2 business days before the micro transactions show.
    5. Once they appear in your account history, login to your Alpine Credit Union account/Transfers/Money Move Transfer and enter the dollar amount of both micro deposits. Click to VERIFY these amounts. You will need to see the Ready For Transfer highlighted in green in the progression bar before you are ready to complete your Money Move setup. (If you do not get the Ready For Transfer, you may need to log out of your online account and log back in.)
    6. Now you are ready to create and complete your Money Move Transfer with the correct dollar amount you wish to transfer.  

    It’s time to get your Money Move on!


    *Terms and restrictions apply. Must be approved by the credit union in order to access Money Move. **You only need to complete Step 1 one time for each different Alpine CU account number you wish to use. Steps 2-4 will vary depending on how many different institutions and/or adjustments you wish to make to your transfer(s).