Alpine Credit Union offers 4 different credit cards to our members.

The options are:

These options have real value for our VISA card users. You can shop with confidence knowing that the credit union and VISA are offering you a simple, convenient credit card.  *Reward points do not apply to cash advances or balance transfers.

Also, with our mobile app you can utilize Card Control. Turn your Visa Credit Card off or on with a simple swipe, as many times as you want, whenever you want. This allows you to be worry-free while traveling or even just protects your day to day transactions, keeping you in total control on when your card is able to be used. Download the app today and take advantage of being in total Card Control.


You can apply online or at any Alpine Credit Union office. It’s almost too simple, Get Started on your application today.

*Credit card(s) subject to approval. Terms & restrictions may apply. See a credit union VISA representative for more card information*

Authorized Signers

Are you interested in having additional card holders on your credit card? We understand the need or desire to give a child, other family members, caretakers, or others you trust, access to your credit card account for various reasons. These individuals can sign on your credit card account, are issued a personalized card, and can use the card just as you would, but do not have to qualify for credit and are not obligated to make payments.

It is easy and convenient to add an Authorized Signer to your credit card account. To Get Started, visit a Member Service Representative at any branch for additional information.

Fraud Texting Program

Alpine Credit Union now offers a Fraud Texting Program for our members to help fight fraud and keep your account safe. If a suspicious transaction happens on your account, you will be notified via text message (data and message rates may apply). You simply have to respond to the text message with either a “Yes” or a “No” to say you authorized the transaction. If you reply “Yes”, your card will be unblocked and you can continue on with your transaction. If you reply “No”, the number in the text message will call your phone and verify the transaction with you to help you determine if it is actual fraud. They may ask for your name and last 4 of your social to verify your identity. See example of text message below:

Example of Fraud Text Message

FALCON Card Security for Alpine Credit Union VISA Card Holders

With the widely increasing use of plastic cards we would like to remind you of a security feature associated with our VISA Card Program called FALCON. This is a 24/7 purchase monitoring system that protects you, the member. FALCON monitors your purchase pattern and scores any unusual purchase(s). If a purchase outside your normal spending pattern occurs they are alerted. They will then begin a process to verify the purchase(s). As part of our continuing effort to bring the best technology and service to our members, we have upgraded our Fraud Detection and Notification System. The new system will provide more immediate attention to notify our members faster when fraud is suspected. The notification portion of the system includes a state-of-the-art automated assistant to help our members review transactions and confirm their spending activity on Debit and/or Credit Cards.

If you receive a notification call from our automated assistant, whom we have nick-named Jill, please work with her to answer questions regarding recent card activity. Please also be aware that our Card Member Security team that provides fraud alert management is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week should you need assistance from a live agent.

If suspicious transactions are identified as fraudulent, calls will be transferred to our outstanding member support team at Card Member Security to help you take the necessary precautions to protect your cards and related accounts. If the recent activity is legitimate, members will be able to close the case with the phone attendant using their touch-tone phone.

*To protect you and your card number please be aware that a temporary block will be placed on your card until FALCON can verify the charge(s). They also contact the credit union’s VISA Department with the temporary block information. Once the purchase(s) has been verified with the member, the block is removed and the purchase allowed to clear.

If you need to contact FALCON on your own behalf to have the block removed you can call FALCON directly at: 1-855-921-2515

We strive to keep our members best interest in mind and use these safeguards to protect you. We hope this does not cause any inconvenience to our members, but gives peace of mind. If you have questions or concerns, please call our VISA Department @ (801) 225-0256.