VISA Rates

VISA Credit Card OptionsIntro APRAPR
VISA Classic Card5.99% (12 mo)7.24% Fixed Rate
VISA Rewards Credit CardN/A8.24% Variable Rate
VISA Cash Back CardN/A12.24% Variable Rate
Business Acct Credit Card6.99% (6 mo)9.00% Variable Rate

Are you looking for a VISA credit card with either rewards, cash back or a rate that you can live with? Here at Alpine Credit Union you can apply for a low rate VISA credit card or one with Rewards or Cash back. Our VISA credit card rate is very competitive because we want the best for our visa credit card holders. A VISA credit card in Utah is useful for recreational activities, emergencies or day to day purchases. Apply for a low rate VISA credit card, one with Rewards, or one with Cash Back today.

The variable APR will depend on the Prime Rate. For more rate information, hit any of the links above and the disclosures are found at the bottom of those pages. They are also found at the end of the visa application.