An Alpine Credit Union HELOC is a great way to access your home’s equity. A HELOC is an open line of credit that allows you to use the available credit limit at any time. This line of credit is great for home improvement projects and debt consolidation.

Benefits of using Alpine Credit Union’s Mortgage Department:

  • No Origination Fees on HELOC’s
  • Low Variable Rates
  • Local Approval and Underwriting
  • Loan Term up to 15 years
  • Fast Closing and Approval Process

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Contact our Mortgage Department at:

Phone: (801) 857-2470
Fax: (801) 426-1522

Stacey Privett
Senior VP/Lending
NMLS #454262

Jacilyn Schramm
Assistant Mortgage Manager
NMLS #1873445

Cheryl Holdaway
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #1717579

Deann Standifird
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #1873368

Valerie Loveless
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #2134300

The annual percentage rate can change quarterly on the first day of January, April, July, and October. The rate cannot increase or decrease more than 2.0 percentage points in any one year period. The maximum ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE that can apply is 18.0% or the maximum permitted by law, whichever is less. However, under no circumstances will your ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE go below 3.5% at any time during the term of the plan. Other potential tax implications may also be involved.