We are experiencing difficulty receiving ACH payments from Alloya Federal CU, who is our corporate clearing house. Alloya processes all ACH transactions for us and hundreds of other credit unions who are also currently experiencing this same problem. We have received a small portion of the scheduled deposits, but are unfortunately waiting to receive the bulk portion of the remaining funds. We are working closely with Alloya FCU and will post deposits as soon as they become available. This IS NOT related to the COVID-19 situation in anyway. Please understand we are doing all that we can to make sure you are not negatively impacted by this situation. We will update you as soon as we have updates. Thank you.


First, thank you for your ongoing patience as we have been diligently working with our corporate clearing house to obtain all member ACH deposits.

All ACH deposits have now been received and posted to member accounts. You can verify your deposit by logging into your account online at

Many efforts were made to ensure that no members were negatively impacted by the delay in deposits. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account or a deposit, we will have staff available by phone Saturday, March 21st from 9am-Noon to take your calls. Please call 801-225-0256. You can also visit one of our branch drive-throughs, with the exception of our Eagle Mountain branch, to conduct normal in-person account transactions and/or to answer any questions.

Again, thank you for your understanding and patience as we all worked together to resolve this unforeseen delay.

Alpine Credit Union
Data Processing Department

Last updated: 3/20/2020 at 9:43 pm MST.