***All rates are accurate as of 01/13/2023***

Savings Rates

Share DescriptionShare RatesAdditional Information
Savings.03% APY
Minimum Balance Checking.015% APY
Money MarketSee Below for RatesMinimum balance of $500
Green Grower Youth Savings.10% APY
Student Savings.10% APY
Share IRA.15% APY

Certificate & IRA Certificate Rates

Certificate DescriptionCertificate RatesAdditional Information
90 day2.967% apr3.00% apy$500 minimum
6 months4.909% apr5.00% apy$500 minimum
12 months5.150% apr5.25% apy$500 minimum
2 year4.426% apr4.50% apy$500 minimum
3 year3.941% apr4.00% apy$500 minimum
4 year3.941% apr4.00% apy$500 minimum
5 year3.941% apr4.00% apy$500 minimum
Early Withdrawal Penalty
Terms 1 Yr and Less - 90
Days Interest
Terms greater than 1 Yr
180 Days interest

**With a one "bump" option. The member can choose one time in the term of the 14 months to bump up the rate of the certificate to the current rate (So if the rates go higher they can get a higher rate for the remaining term.)

*Limited Time Only

Early Withdrawal Penalty (EWP):

  • Terms 1 Yr and less – 90 Days Dividend
  • Terms greater than 1 Yr – 180 Days Dividend


Money Market Rates

APYMinimum AmountMaximum Amount
1.500%$100,000.00And Above


This account requires a minimum deposit of $500.00. Dividends are earned for each day the account balance meets the minimum requirement or higher. Balances below the minimum requirement are not paid dividends. Dividends are paid to the account quarterly.

For up-to-date rate information, please call us at 801-225-0256.