Savings Rates

Share DescriptionShare RatesAdditional Information
Savings.03% APY
Checking.015% APY
Money Market.10% APYMinimum balance of $2,500
Green Grower & Student
.10% APY

Certificate DescriptionCertificate RatesAPYAdditional Information
90 Day.25% APR.25% APY$500 Minimum
6 Months.748% APR.75% APY$500 Minimum
12 Months1.343% APR1.35% APY$500 Minimum
2 Year1.590% APR1.60% APY$500 Minimum
3 Year1.887% APR1.90% APY$500 Minimum
4 Year2.133% APR2.15% APY$500 Minimum
5 Year2.869% APR2.90% APY$500 Minimum

Early Withdrawal Penalty (EWP):

  • Terms 1 Yr and less – 90 Days Interest
  • Terms greater than 1 Yr – 180 Days Interest

*Note: Any certificates opened before April 1, 2017, will just receive the 90 Day Interest EWP. All certificates opened after April 1, 2017, will receive the EWP listed above.